Healthy Hot Chocolate

We are hanging our heads in shame that we haven’t posted in a while.  Life has been busy with me off playing Wendy in Peter Pan up at the Royal and Derngate in Northampton and Jamie snowed under with some exciting projects.

Peter PanWendyDressing Room

As ever we have been burning the candle at both ends and fighting off the sniffles, so on my day off I raced back to London to recharge my batteries ready for the festive period…which for me means two shows every day.

I was curled up by the christmas tree in front of the fire like a very contented purring cat, but one thing was missing…hot chocolate, and I was determined to make it as healthy and nourishing as a hot chocolate can be.


YOU WILL NEED (serves 1):

1 tbsp raw cacao

1 mug almond milk

1 tbsp coconut sugar (ours is with ginger)

1 tsp almond butter

Now if you’re the impatient type like me you’ll whack it all in a pan mix it together and serve, which is great, but, if you want this to be a super special hot choc then a bit of patience will make all the difference as Jamie proved.

STEP 1 Add the cacao, almond butter and a splash of the milk and mix into a thick paste.

STEP 2 Add the sugar.

STEP 3 Start trickling in the rest of the milk continuously stirring.

STEP 4 Pour into your mug and ENJOY!

Hot Chocolate

The wonderful thing about this hot choc is not only does it taste delicious but at the same time you are filling your body with wonderful natural goodness such as healthy fats, antioxidants, minerals, protein, vitamin b, d and e (the list goes on…) and more importantly not filling it with processed white sugar and other impurities.  I don’t think I’ll ever drink normal hot chocolate again when I know that I can drink this one totally guilt free.

Cosy hot chocolate

Let us know how you get on in the comment section below.

A x


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