Goodbye NYC

Our final day *sob sob*! We hadn’t had a proper American breakfast yet so we headed to the Upper West Side in search of pancakes and boy did we find them at the Metro Diner.  It is the usual thing to queue for brunch in NYC so we happily joined the queue brimming with a mixture of locals and tourists and sussed out people’s plates of food around us.

Metro Diner


The size, oh the size- 3 huge pancakes were brought out EACH but my god they were good. I went for strawberry and banana swimming in syrup and Jamie went for bacon.  This was not the ‘canadian’ bacon we have back home but proper bacon bacon!



The tea amused me as they just bring you hot water without the tea bag in it and then refill it with hot water  – bleurghhhh.



This place was great, nothing fancy just a proper American diner.


Jamie had a couple of meetings to fit in before we left so I met Ashley and we went for a stroll through the park in the glorious sunshine grabbing a juice en route.


They have juice shops like we have coffee shops!

The park was alive with families making the most of the weather and we happily chatted away exploring more areas of the park.


With very heavy hearts we headed back to the airport.  I could have stayed for ages but one more day would have been perfect!


One thing that struck both Jamie and me about New York was how friendly people were and how willing everyone is to help. We had people walk us to the subway and always helping if you were lost.

I downloaded a couple of great apps and the maps work offline so with us constantly wifi hopping it was a lifesaver, although saying that New York is so easy to navigate with its grid system.

New York apps

Everywhere is more or less walkable, it is far more condensed than London.  Wifi is in lots of stores and on the underground – although this is temperamental. It was refreshing to be back to the days off “I’ll meet you here at this time”.

With Jamie off a lot, I had a lot of time on my own.  I felt like I got as much out of New York as I possibly could in the time, and experienced lots of different areas rather than just the tourist hotspots. I didn’t for a moment feel unsafe and Jamie didn’t feel worried leaving me alone.  I just walked and walked and soaked in the atmosphere of this incredible city.


Having Ashley was a God send as she could take us to places we’d never have known existed, and already we’re feeling very sad not seeing her all the time!

An amazing city that I promise I’ll go back to soon and if you get a chance to go you must.

New York City

What have I learnt? – that being spontaneous gives you a proper zest for life and to live by this word more.

A x


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