NYC day 1

Last week I did the most spontaneous thing I think I have ever done.  Jamie had some meetings in NYC and I decided to tag along which was a fantastic excuse to see my wonderful friend Ashley who lives out there and experience the city that never sleeps.

I’ve never been to the Big Apple and now reflecting back as I sit in London typing away I have completely fallen in love with the city.  It buzzes and has a proper positive ‘can do’ energy about it that is infectious and I would go back right now given half the chance.


We’d heard great things about air bnb and decided to book accommodation through it wanting to get a real flavour of the city; I have to admit I was slightly apprehensive.  However, we found a great place to stay in Brooklyn- how Gossip Girl did I feel!! – I felt like I was going to run into Dan any moment.

Air bnb was great for us  – we left first thing in the morning and arrived back late.  The subway was right across the street and we zipped into central Manhattan in 20 minutes. It added to our overall experience in so many ways as you really felt like you were submerged in living in New York.


Jamie went off to his meetings and I had a list of places I just had to go….Macy’s and Bloomingdales were very high up this list so what was the first thing I did- yes sorry!

34th streetI met Ashley at Macy’s and we went for coffee.  I’d like to say that we went somewhere brimming with culture, however we were so desperate to catch up that the Starbucks in Macy’s was calling our names.  This is no ordinary Starbucks though, it is hands down the poshest one I have ever been to.


We walked and we walked and we walked.  To the Rockefeller Center, Bloomingdales, Radio City Music Hall, via the Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes – well if it’s good enough for SJP it’s good enough for us.

Roosevelt Tower





Magnolia Bakery


Down Fifth Avenue, Park Avenue through Central Park, Times Square.

Times Square


Park Plaza Hotel


Apple Store NYC


Central Park


My little legs were delighted at the prospect of a quick cocktail.

However this cocktail had to be slurped down as we had an important engagement that night….a Yankees game.

Yankee stadium




Jamie loved it, I however felt my school rounder games were more interesting *hangs head in shame*.



The atmosphere is amazing and it was great to experience but it amazed me how often they don’t even hit the ball.




Then every 5 minutes you are interrupted with some sort of crowd cam or advert.  My favourite part was the sand sweepers breaking into a rendition of the YMCA.



Tiredness started to take over so we decided to avoid the crowds and snuck off before the last innings when it looked like certain defeat for the Yankees.  Of course being us it was the talked about game the next day as the Yankees had suddenly come back in the last innings.  Oops!

Join us tomorrow for day 2…

A x


One thought on “NYC day 1

  1. Eek how exciting! I love NYC and have booked to go back for a second time in February. I seriously cannot wait and have now added “See a baseball game” to my to do list while I’m there x


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