NYC day 3

Our adventure into town today was certainly adventure.  Just like in London, at the weekend the subways are all up the creek, but a girl took us to the shuttle bus (rail replacement service) and all was fine.  See I told you the locals are great! I was delighted to have experienced another mode of transport reliving all the programmes I used to watch as a kid on Nickelodeon.

A mad dash for Jamie to make a meeting ensued but we got to go in a cab! The cabs are so much cheaper but you have to remember your 20% tip!

NYC taxi

I grabbed a cuppa in the Upper West Side and went for a leisurely stroll through Central Park, past the Jackie Onassis reservoir across to the Upper East Side.

Cup of tea

I had to go here and experience Blair Waldorf’s neighbourhood (sorry Gossip Girl reference – I’m slightly hooked at the moment!). People in this city are mad for running I felt quite out of place walking in the park!

The Upper East Side is where the big museums such as the Guggenheim and the Met are.  The sheer size of the buildings in this city is what certainly struck me!


The Met


I stumbled across a ‘run for life’ and happily cheered on the runners feeling very at home.  See two days and I was hooked!

Run for life

That afternoon we had very kindly been given tickets to If/ Then the musical at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.


If/ Then

The theatre was stunning and I am a huge Idina Menzel fan so couldn’t believe my luck that I was going to see her on Broadway.

If/ Then

photo 2-2I liked the show it was refreshingly different and the songs were nice – I didn’t feel that there were stand out songs but you fall in love with the characters and I sobbed my way through the second half.  Serendipity is the running theme and about half an hour later we had our own bit of serendipity!

Our friend Alex is opening in Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time on Broadway and our friend Katy is the Associate Director.  Both fellow Brits!  With them being super busy and us packed to the rafters we knew that meeting was going to be tricky so we got them some goodies to drop off at stage door.  We quite literally bumped into Katy at stage door and Alex was walking down the stairs – a wonderful case of serendipity in a city far from home.

Curious Incident

There were so many things we were still desperate to do but hey not fitting them all in means we have an excuse to come back.  We decided that we had to see Grand Central Station which is awe inspiring.

Grand Central Station




A where’s wally moment…





Our friend Poppy had recommended a restaurant called El Centro for supper (54st 9th av) and as soon as we stumbled across it we knew she had come up with a gem.

El Centro NYC

A mexican with delicious cocktails and heavenly food! It buzzes with locals and quite a theatrical crowd.


The photos didn’t come out very well – I think I was just too excited at the amazing food to hold the camera steady…or even remember to take a photo, but do go if you’re in the area.

We were both gutted that tomorrow was our final day but we still had some more time for exploring before our flight and so were going to make the most of it.


Join us for our final day in NYC tomorrow

A x


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