Morning yoga

This last week I have been a bit naughty as not only was it my birthday, I also went with the girlies to Ireland for our friend’s wedding, so over indulgence was key.  However one thing I have kept on track with is my morning yoga.

On my quest for a healthy body and mind I have been following the wonderful Rachel Brathen on instagram.  I have been completely inspired by her attitude to life and the world around her.  She is a yoga instructor but in my eyes is a life coach at the same time.  She writes beautifully and makes me want to be more like her.  For me I see yoga as a meeting of the body and mind and think it crucial on my journey.


I have been doing her yoga routine first thing in the morning and have found it a beautiful way to stretch out and start my day.

It may sound silly but I swear it gives me a spring in my step for the day ahead.

Can you recommend any other inspiring people or yoga workouts to have a look at?

A x





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