Mind and Body Overhaul

With the nights getting longer and a hint that summer is almost here I have been feeling that I need to sort myself out.  With working, running my own business and auditions I tend to just grab food and fit in workouts here and there.  I do have in comparison to most a healthy lifestyle.  I grew up in the country and danced from a young age.  I have always been sporty…my mum is a tennis coach so from the age of 2 I was given a racquet!  I am a grazer when it comes to food and am always hungry, so little and often is probably the appropriate term for my eating habits.



I have been feeling a bit sluggish and am interested to see if a healthy lifestyle overhaul might bring back the spring in my step.  I know that people will say there is nothing of me…this is not to lose weight. Not all food and exercise regimes need to be.  I don’t weigh myself and have never owned a set of scales.  Mine is to cleanse the body and feel better about myself and also learn to slow down and take time for myself which can be hard when trying to juggle a lot of balls.

the country

There is a lot of pressure on girls to appear certain ways.  I think it is far more important for girls to be happy in their own skin and that comes from the inside out.  What you put into your body is crucial to this as is putting time aside for ‘you’ time.

My vices: I have a sweet tooth.  I love a good cup of builder’s tea and a full fat latte.  I am always rushing and try to cram too much into a day.  I’m an awful sleeper.  I think and worry far too much…


I am going to use the blog to share with you my journey.  I will share tips, links, workouts and recipes that I think are fantastic alongside our usual blogging.  Will Jamie join in….who knows?!


So you know my current pattern: I go to the gym about three times a week and focus on interval training – I don’t believe in lengthy workouts I just prefer a blast as I get bored easily.  I am a huge fan of Pilates and am slowly but surely getting more into Yoga.


My first golden nugget is to follow The Body Coach @thebodycoach.  He was recommended to me by some wonderful friends who have been doing his 90 Day SSS plan.  The change in themselves they can’t believe…they are leaner and full of energy.  He is inspiring and his instagram is a joy in letting us in to some amazing recipes.

The Body Coach

Is anyone else getting in shape in mind and body for summer?  Let’s do this together and share our journeys.

This is what I aspire to:

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

A x


5 thoughts on “Mind and Body Overhaul

  1. Hi Amy, hope you’re well. I’ve been doing the same thing for a couple of months now, for similar reasons. Just thought I’d say look up ‘deliciously Ella’ on Instagram and on her website as she has some good recipes, and her sweet treats are really good! Xx x


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