Balmy summer evenings

The weather in London over the past few days has been incredible.  There is a real sense that summer is on the way and there is nothing we love more  than spending long balmy summer evenings with friends.

I used to live with Lucy at University and we have always been partners in crime, particularly partial to a few G and Ts and a shared love of wining and dining!




She and her boyfriend Adam invited us round for supper. Lucy has always been a fabulous cook and when I used to crawl in late at night exhausted from rehearsals, she knew I would just grab a piece of toast with cheese so would make sure I ate properly by casually saying to help myself to something she had whipped up earlier.  Needless to say it was always a culinary feast!

This time though she outdid herself…5 courses for us little piggies!

Adam was chief bartender for the night and he certainly didn’t disappoint with his cucumber G and Ts – yes cucumber it’s brilliant!

cucumber gin and tonics

We chatted happily and animatedly away on the patio as we caught the last of the evening sun.  I love England in the summer, in my opinion there is nothing better than the long light evenings.

summer evenings

Rose wine

Then course number was served al fresco.  A little tomato appetiser number to wet the palette. Tomato Consome. Yes no more University cheese on toast for us!


Amy and Jamie

As the sun set we moved inside for course number 2.  Asparagus, poached egg, hollandaise sauce and parma ham.

Poached eggs

Did you know that you could pre cook poached eggs? – no me neither.

asparagus, poached egg, parma ham


Delicious is an understatement.  A perfect concoction of flavours and light enough that we weren’t too full up for the main…

pea risotto

Pea Risotto.  The boys had seconds – of course they did!

Pea risotto

A perfect British summer’s evening main course. Followed with my personal favourite…Chocolate Mousse.

Chocolate Mousse

Looking perfectly fabulous in martini glasses.

Chocolate Mousse

I’m salivating looking at the pictures…

Chocolate Mousse

And of course what is a meal without cheese and biscuits to finish us off.  My trousers were certainly getting a little tight by this point!

We went for the trilogy of wines, because if you can’t break the rules when you’re with your Uni friends, when on earth can you!


A wonderful evening spent with our wonderful Lucy and Adam.


Here’s to many more long summer evenings with friends this summer.

A x



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