Bonnie Scotland Part 1

It was my Mum’s birthday this weekend and when they told me that we were spending the weekend with friends in a big country house, I had visions of sun, sea and sand.  Dad said “change all of that to wind, rain and cold” and that’s where we’d be!  Scotland!


Find a wheelchair and travel in style!

IMG_5729Although once I saw the house though all thoughts of lying on the beach evaporated (well almost)

Tomatin HouseThis house was pretty special and the seven seater Land Rover really fitted the part!

We were up near beautiful Inverness and, in an apparent attempt to soften the blow, they insisted that we were in our own microclimate.  I actually think I agree as,  considering the weather in the rest of the country, we hardly had any rain!

But we were stocked up ready for anything:

DSC00862A light dusting of snow greeted us


Some of the braver amongst us returned from a run around the estate – the main decision being whether to take the north or east drive!  Herbie greeted everyone with his teddy like they’d be gone for years!


Sixteen people, three course meals every night, dog walks on the beach, roaring fires and lots and lots of laughter!

IMG_5755The amazing Fort George.  If you look closely Louisa was set the challenge of rolling down the hill….of course she rose to it with style and grace (*ahem*)

IMG_5748Boys will be boys (including Lou)



IMG_5774Herbie in his element


IMG_5778Warming our toes in front of the fire with a G & T = Heaven





DSC00879Dad always checking the wine is stocked up


We all crawled into our Princess beds and snuggled down for the cosiest sleep, ready to see what tomorrow had in store.

A x


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