Girlies to the rescue

Jamie is over in the Middle East performing for a few weeks, so the girls have stepped in to cheer me up whilst he’s away.

They refuse to let me stay like this…

Sad Face

I met up with the gorgeous Lucie at our favourite haunt Primrose Bakery in Covent Garden.  You can never just have tea, cupcakes are a necessity!


She’s off to Germany to perform in Starlight Express so we had a lot of catching up to do! (This pic wasn’t taken on the day – we got so carried away chatting I forgot to take any pics!)

In the evening Tanya popped round for me to delight her with my culinary skills….skills which are rather limited!  So after being wowed by my cousin cooking her incredible Shrimp Saganaki she insisted that I would be able to do it too!  Well attempt one wasn’t too bad..not as good…but edible!





Jamie will no doubt pop up a few posts making me crazy with jealousy at the weather over with him…just a simple 28 degrees as I look out on London’s soggy streets!



A x


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