My (retail-free) Black Friday!

We said goodbye to Mummy B yesterday and set her on her way back to Devon on an early train. She’s been up for the week to see Amy’s sister Louisa in her plays at the Ambassador’s Theatre which were a triumph, and a great excuse to bring lots of us together.

Ham, egg and spinach for breakfast before heading in to town. I had a singing lesson booked with the wonderful Richard, a catch up with friends, and a meeting in soho shortly after.



sheet music

I found a lovely little artisan bakery in Belgravia and stopped there for tea. Very quaint little place, thoroughly charming!

photo 6







photo 555

photeeo 2

They have a great range of loose leaf teas and delicious food. I’ll definitely be back when I have a bit more leisure time on my hands.

phowwwwto 3

It was quite a mixed day with some acting and production stuff mixed in with some work for future projects. Switching head-space certainly keeps me on my toes but it’s incredibly rewarding when it all comes together ‘as if by magic’.

Jamie. X


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