Blackheath Fireworks!

It’s been a little while since we’ve checked in, sorry. We’ve had a busy old few months and wanted to come back with a bang! What better way than with a post on Blackheath’s fireworks! We’ll catch up we promise.

Every year the Blackheath fireworks wow thousands who come from all over the place to catch a glimpse. Somehow we missed them last year but this year we made sure we were there in readiness, wrapped up against the elements.


The heath is a windy old place at the best of times but, in the run up to winter, it was freezing!

beath 6



It was an amazing display made even more exhilarating by the high winds and the fact that they were going off right over our heads! Scared? Never.

Once it was over, the crowds shot for the nearest exit and began their journeys home. Knowing that we were only a short few hops from our front door was a delight.

I made jelly,  so we were straight back to that and an indulgent hot chocolate by the fire.

bheath 7



bheath 8

bheath 9

J x


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