Cotswolds Weekend Break

There is nothing quite like catching up with old friends.

I am so lucky to have those friends who, no matter how long we haven’t spoken for,  can pick up as though we’ve never been apart.  I went to secondary school with Alex and Stella, and Alice’s mum was friends with my mum before we were both born, so I suppose she really is my oldest friend.

Alex decided that we were long overdue a catch up so, we unanimously decided on the most chocolatey box cottage, and  were off to the Cotswolds for some R&R.


We all met up in Oxford and piled in the car blaring out old school tunes, then stocked up on the essentials: chocolate, crisps, dip and bubbles.


I love the film ‘The Holiday’ and I didn’t believe that anywhere could ever be as idyllic as there….well we found it! We stayed in the quaint village of Dean (the prime minister apparently has a house here….of course we went looking for him!).


When we get together it’s like we’re 16 again, all slipping back into the same roles: Alex (think Bridget Jones), Stels (The Queen), Alice (Miss Honey) and me (Baby Spice).  Sadly although Stels and I are both based in London, Alice is in Oxford and Alex in Bath. They’re both Doctors meaning it’s very hard for us to all get together with such crazy schedules.

As expected the cottage was gorgeous!  Girl power sadly didn’t work for us and after rounding up our other halves on facetime, we sorted out how to light the fire!



Copious amounts of tea were drunk and giggles had.



Of course being in the idyllic Cotswolds we had to explore the surrounding areas.  I just wanted to pack up and move there with visions of bumping into Jude Law in the sweet shop.





It really is the most fantastic place to head to for a short break and easily commutable from London.


Alex demanded that we jump for the self timer….



As you can see it worked really well (!).

Blenheim Palace was only a hop, skip and a jump away…had we been organised we would have packed a picnic to while away the day in the beautiful grounds, but typically we ended up in a local pub for a Sunday roast.



What a fun and much needed break.  We’ve already pencilled in another date.  It was surprisingly easy to organise and just a truly special time catching up and creating new memories, with people who really do know each other inside out.


A x


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