The 7-Minute Workout

Has anyone heard of the 7-Minute Workout?  It is based on high intensity interval training which I am a firm believer in…none of these long runs huffing and puffing along at the same pace, but quick bursts.  I have always been a sprinter, I absolutely suck at long distance running as I get bored so maybe this is why this sort of training appeals to me.

It is nothing ground breaking; this sort of training has been about for years and J also applies a similar method with weights.

Chris Jordan and Brett Kilka the authors of this particular workout refer to it as ‘High-Intensity Circuit Training Using Body Weight.’


You should do each exercise for 30 seconds and allow a 10 second rest between each.  The pain scale from 1 to 10 should be about an 8!

I’m going to try this over the next few weeks so if anyone cares to join me do let me know how you get on.

The link to the article is here where you can find out more about the science behind it.

A x


5 thoughts on “The 7-Minute Workout

  1. Definitely going to try this! I hate sports and this might be an ideal short exercise regime 😉 Just discovered your blog & absolutely love it, keep up the good work!

    Love from Amsterdam,


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