Top of the Pops

Last week we donned our gladrags and headed to Freya and Toby’s  ‘Beat the Februrary Blues- Top of the Pops’ party.

The rules were simple:

1) Bring a ‘top tune’ that makes you dance

2) Come dressed as the artist / title / or the video

3) Bring a bottle

This allowed everyone to be as abstract or as obvious as they liked.

I LOVE fancy dress and any excuse to get dressed up….J takes a bit more persuading!


We went for the more simple option so ‘You’re the One That I Want’ was our tune and yes we went as Danny and Sandy.  I’m obliged to say this was my idea and not J’s.

We did come across another Danny but from the Saturday Night Fever era!


There were three Dolly Partons with outrageous boobs and blonde hair out in full force. We also found a Jessie J, Jesus, a Snake, a Frog, an American boy and a skater boy (who couldn’t skate)….


Toby and Freya’s beautiful girls dressed up as well.  Lola was the candyman in a dress decorated with Maoam, proving quite the hit.  Mabel who started the night as a bunny for ‘Jump Around’ decided she’d prefer to be a mermaid – this five year old knows how to make a statement!




J had rehearsals the next day which sadly meant not too much of a late night for us.  However, we boogied with the best of them singing our hearts out to a mixture of old school classics and modern day tunes.



A x


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