I love Sundays

When I was younger I hated Sunday…it was a boring day and the inevitable homework loomed that I had put off all weekend until the very last moment, and it also meant school tomorrow!

Oh how times have changed…..

Not feeling guilty at being lazy

Dad / Jamie pottering around doing man jobs (gardening, tinkering with his car)

A breakfast of champions

Long walks with my family and Herbie whilst a roast is cookingdog walk beach

Curling up infront of a crackling fire with a G & T


All piling in the car to go on a road trip

Big cups of coffee at the kitchen table


Mid afternoon cups of tea with crumpets covered in butter and Herbie lying at my feet

Candles burning in the background

Being surrounded by my crazy family


Having the time to sit down and read and do the crossword

A Sunday night movie

Over indulging on yummy food…just because it’s Sunday


My dad going outside in the morning to ‘listen to the silence’

Catching up with family over the phone

If only when I was younger I knew just how great Sunday actually was…

What did you get up to this Sunday?

A x


3 thoughts on “I love Sundays

  1. I designed and printed a Valentine’s card; I had 3 small walks with Popsicle and Spencer and 1 long one with Herbie, Harry and Spike; I downloaded Dropbox and managed, eventually, to use it. I cooked roast duck, that we didn’t have at Christmas, for Roger and Anne (oh, it had been frozen) – can’t remember what else.


  2. Last Sunday was all about the Whatsonstage Awards (which turned out to be an evening of highs and lows).

    I quite like Sundays. I often get to sleep in and I tend to be quite lazy – if I’m not running around in London watching shows and stuff, of course. 😉


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