Saturday Therapy

Today is Saturday and (most) people are off work, enjoying their weekend. And for the morning, at least, so are we! What better excuse for a breakfast of champions:
Photo 27-01-2013 11 22 58 The sausage sandwich! To start, good quality sausages are a must! Then, sauce. Some prefer brown sauce but I prefer good old fashioned Tomato Ketchup. Sandwich with a seeded loaf and lots of salted butter. Yeo Valley if you can get it!
Photo 27-01-2013 17 15 08Photo 27-01-2013 17 15 23 Photo 27-01-2013 17 15 50

To finish up, if you like me, are fighting off the winter blues keep your immune system happy with a selection of Vitamin C 1000, Multi-vitamins, Echinacea and not forgetting a Berocca!

What are you up to today?

J x
Photo 27-01-2013 17 16 35

Photo 27-01-2013 17 16 49

Photo 27-01-2013 17 17 05


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