For us self employed type the end of January notoriously means a mad rush to get our tax return over to HMRC. Every year you get to this point and vow that next year you will get it in earlier and surprise surprise you find yourself in exactly the same situation, tearing your hair out in a sea of receipts!


As a little rest bite from drowning in my receipts and own self wallowing I took myself off to a singing lesson. Some people are surprised when I say I still have lessons. I suppose they think once you are a ‘professional’ that you’re off on your own….


I think no matter what profession you are in it’s always good to continue to learn and strive to improve and challenge yourself. A singing teacher to an actor/singer is invaluable whether you are prepping for an audition, a role, or are just in need of a bit of maintenance to keep your technique up and keep those bad habits at bay. I adore mine. I think of her as my secret weapon and she has become a good friend and confidante. She, like many other teachers, has this sixth sense and can tell as soon as you open your mouth exactly how you’re feeling.


I have a rep folder that I am always working on and adding to. Most actors have this so that when the phone goes for an audition you have something in there that you can sing rather than panicking, going into meltdown and learning something new.  A common request is for you to take two contrasting songs in the style of the show and sometimes it can even be as specific as a Beach Boys song!


As I type this I realise I am further procrastinating from sorting my tax. I am quite the Queen of procrastination, my flat has never been so tidy…..make me feel better are you a procrastinator too???


A x


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