Oh, so you sing?!

This is a post dedicated to those people who have useful or entertaining professions.

What happens when you invite a comedian, doctor, artist, psychic, poet, magician or indeed a singer to a dinner party? I find the answer usually manifests itself in a request for a demonstration or application of one’s skill or knowledge which, with perpetuating approval, often develops into rounds of slow clapping, jeering and chants of encouragement.

Pressure then mounts as realisation of the potential entertainment value were I to agree becomes clear; and equally- and even more so- as I subsequently defend my reasons for declining.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love to sing! It is something I’ve always enjoyed and I couldn’t be happier that it now plays such a large part in my career. However, I have never been able to hide my dread and complete lack of amusement when asked to sing simply because I either can or do.

I am sure I’m not alone amongst the performer/ musician community. We’d love to hear your own examples below in the comment box. Personally my response is always a resounding NO. Some might wonder why.


Firstly out of context, and after a few glasses of wine, the chances are I’m going to sound like I’ve just woken up…and I don’t sing then for good reason! Secondly up until a few minutes ago I was actually really enjoying your company!

And it’s not just us singer types. I know doctor friends who have actually been asked to diagnose a guest’s complaint right there at the dinner table!

We’re of course always very grateful for the support of friends, family and especially those others that show genuine interested in the life of an actor, but is a demonstration really necessary? It is always an absolute joy to share our world but I’m not about to stand and sing for you. This is dinner not an episode of Glee.

My cousin is a professional cricketer for Somerset and can bowl a ball pretty quick. Perhaps we could clear the table, set up some stumps and see how that’s done?

J. X


8 thoughts on “Oh, so you sing?!

  1. Totally agree! Think it happens with alot of professions (financial advice from accountants, legal advice from lawyers/solicitors, computer advice from techys). For these it’s a bit easier to laugh it off and say no, but singing is a bit more raw and personal than that. Maybe get them each to demonstrate their profession first? Then say you’ll sing a line 😉


  2. Being both a nurse and a Pilates teacher, I get asked all the time either to diagnose some usually gross toe ailment and/or to assess their posture and teach them how to correct it….and this is ALWAYS at the dinner table!


  3. I work in the insurance business. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked to give insights on how to get money out of insurmce companies… often at the dinner table. What’s a better topic over dinner than to discuss insurance fraud…. erm…. yeah, sure!


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