Panto Times

So here we are in a new year and we have been suitably awful at blogging. Both of us have spent the Christmas period in separate parts of the country in Panto land and unfortunately 13 (+) shows a week leaves little time for much else!

Panto was a first for both of us this year -aside from Amy’s outing as a chicken as a child -so we weren’t quite sure what we would make of it.  Both productions were very different.  J was strutting his stuff as Aladdin in Aladdin in Oxford and A was flying around in Neverland as Wendy in Peter Pan at the Camberley Theatre in Surrey.  Aladdin was more of an ensemble play with 7 actors and was much closer to the original story.  The script and music were original and relied heavily on the use of physical theatre to tell the story.

Aladdin 3

Peter Pan was your traditional slapstick panto with two teams of children, cream pies and your usual ‘oh no he isn’ts’. A had an absolute ball! Any job that allows you to fly and have glitter fights ain’t half bad! Panto is one of the only environments where the audience are almost waiting for the actors to corpse or ad lib…and we didn’t disappoint!  The feeling when you are on stage and desperately trying not to laugh and not to catch you fellow actors’ eyes is one of the best feelings…you feel like naughty school children!


The rehearsal process for the two shows was of course very different. Traditional pantomimes will typically have a much shorter rehearsal period than most shows…it’s much more bish, bash, bosh. In contrast, and highlighting how different our two shows were, J had the luxury of a 3 week rehearsal period to explore staging, script and music. A had just about a week from page to stage.

Performing over Christmas is always tiring with an almost guaranteed 2 shows a day, every day and sometimes even 3! Both of us were lucky that we had a great casts and you could easily imagine the festive period to be unbearable should this not be the case.

Here’s a few pics so you can see what we’ve been up to:

Peter Pan

Peter Pan 2

Peter Pan 3

J Aladdin 2

J aladdin

Thank you so much to those people who came to watch and support us.  We appreciate it so much and it was great to see you.

We’ve gone home for a few days to recharge our batteries – long country walks with Herbie and over indulging on farm-shop food should sort us out.

J & A x


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