‘Flowers and beautiful things’

Sometimes I stumble upon gorgeous little boutiques that I just have to share with you….else  I’d be standing out in the street waving my arms and shouting out to the world to come see for themselves.

The high street is struggling enough at the moment so I think it is of utmost importance to support our independent retailers.  Totnes is a small town in Devon and the high street consists mainly of these sort of shops…gorgeous delis, sumptuous interior shops, beautiful clothes shops, old fashioned sweet shops, a fudge shop, vintage shops and a fab selection of yummy cafes to have the perfect Devon afternoon tea scones and all! – you get the idea I LOVE it! Recently it was announced that a COSTA was going to open with absolute outrage from the locals – I think it might be frogmarched right back to where it came from with the locals supporting the independent retailers over the chains.  Totnes even has its own currency: the Totnes pound – and no I’m not joking! It is a wonderful crazy hippy town – one of the only places where a couple were walking through the town naked and no one looked twice!

I HAD to tell you about a flower shop called Emma Vowles with its tag line being ‘flowers and beautiful things’ so obviously I had to go and have a peek as this was going to be a shop after my own heart. I have never seen more beautiful flowers and the gorgeous trinkets, jugs, furniture they have just take you into an idyllic world.

I bought a bunch of flowers with my only description being “bright colours and lovely” – oh how they must despair at people like me! Off I popped for lunch and returned an hour later to the most gorgeous bunch of flowers being lovingly and expertly tied.  The staff are second to none and are obviously passionate about their shop and so knowledgeable on flowers – I challenge you to leave empty handed.  They really care and love the story that goes behind why you are buying the flowers, sometimes with the only reason being “just because”.

Having been someone who regularly uses flower delivery services I was over the moon to discover that they also deliver locally and nationally. I would much prefer to support a shop like this where I know that so much attention to detail and love has gone into selecting and putting together the perfect bunch, than one of these large chains where half the time the flowers are of poor quality and don’t last long.  You get far more for your money with this company anyway so what is not to love.  They do weddings and functions so have a gander on their website, check out their twitter or pop in for yourself if you’re ever in Totnes and get lost in the romantic world of flowers….it makes me want to own a shop just like this surrounded by ‘flowers and beautiful things’.

A x


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