Moosh the real fruit and smoothie cafe

With the sun shining yesterday what better way to spend it than grabbing some girl friends and heading down to Moosh in Fulham for a good old girly catch up.   What between work and auditions finding time to get these busy ladies together is always a challenge.

Moosh is postioned perfectly for watching the world go by and is a fabulous fruit and smoothie cafe in South West London.  The freshest fruit, the yummiest goodies, and smoothies that taste so fabulous you think they should definitely be naughty, but are actually good for you.

As Moosh themselves say:

“healthy indulgence to take you to that happy place”

moosh (moo-sh) v.1. to moosh; To relax and indulge in something special.n. 2. a little taste of something unexpected yet unique. n. 3. an affectionate term for a person; my moosh.

After frozen yogurt, smoothies and coffees we trooped back to the tube revelling in the sunshine exclaiming how this weather always makes us want to sit in a beer garden with a jug of pimms….5 mins later that is exactly what we were doing!

If you’re ever in Fulham do go and check this wonderful place out for a spot of lunch or a delicious juice.  Everything has been thought of from their creative signs to the aritificial grass flooring and they can even help you with a detox plan – what’s not to like!

A x


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