Greenwich (Mean) Time!

On Monday the sun threw down its lovely rays and we ventured to Greenwich Park for a few hours via the heath and via, rather bizarrely, a flock/gaggle/shoal/rabble (or whatever the collective noun is) of Donkeys.

It was such a gorgeous spring day!

As if the donkeys could read our minds, right opposite their run was an ice cream van. Amy had the customary mint Cornetto and I had a white chocolate Magnum. (Other brands of ice creams are available)!

The park was bathed in sunshine for the whole afternoon. It was beautiful. Visitors to Greenwich park MUST head over to the observatory for the most stunning views of the city across the rivier, the O2 and the Maritime Museum. There are also a couple of lovely old huts selling traditional ices which look well worth a visit.

I have a bit of a soft spot for architecture and old buildings. The Royal Observatory and surrounding buildings really stand out and are stooped in history, so be sure to have a look around.

 The Royal Observatory, designed by Sir Christopher Wren in 1675.

We then took a walk through the park enjoying the rose garden, which although not in bloom, is immaculately presented and will be a sure hot spot for the return visit in the summer months! We also discovered our local tennis courts in the process, and at £6 for the hour, you can’t go wrong!

It wasn’t all play and no work though! What better place to sit and digest some line-learning than under the shade of a tall tree with the sound of tennis balls being hit back and forth. This is a real sound of the summer for both of us.

It’s taken us a few months to find our way round to Greenwich Park for the afternoon even though it’s right on our doorstep. A highly recommended spot for all the family and those with a geeky side for history and architecture. Also a great place to take a picnic and take in the magnificant views. I challenge anyone to find a more breathtaking view of our fair city. Suggestions?

j. X


One thought on “Greenwich (Mean) Time!

  1. I love visiting Greenwich. In fact I’m planning a return visit when I’m next in London at the end of May/beginning of June. Going to see the restored Cutty Sark and visit Queen’s House. I love old buildings too. The Old Royal Naval College is a great building (or set of buildings and the Painted Hall is well worth a visit).

    I’ve been up to the Royal Observatory a couple of times and even went into the Planetarium the last time I was there.

    Although I haven’t been there they say you get a great view of London from Hampstead Heath.


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