Retro on iPad

When I was younger I always wanted an old school grey-brick game boy (I still do!) – my parents wouldn’t let me as they knew my sister and I would just sit for hours glued to the screen. I think they also feared the new-fangled portability of this distraction, so they got us a playstation instead! That wasn’t moveable!

Now, years later, I find myself playing my favourite game Tetris for hours on my iPad….a very expensive alternative. Maybe they should have just bought me the brick!

Let’s also not forget my obsession with Words With Friends on my iPhone! Now this really is getting out of control. I play Jamie’s Mum and my Dad all the time and am getting much better! However, according to, I could have bought 213 whole scrabble boards for the money I’ve spent on my iPhone!!

Isn’t it funny how the old-school games still always reign supreme.

A x


One thought on “Retro on iPad

  1. The Playstation’s broken and old box of a computer has died of excessive dust smothering. I would love it if they lived on. But even the best of gadgets has a cell by date. Even that iPad…


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