Furniture SOS

A few weeks back we took a little weekend day-trip to a popular home furnishing store to stock up for our new flat. It’s lovely to now have the space to start acquiring our own furniture, whether that’s buying our own, or being passed some lovely pieces from family.

The only trouble with buying new things in this way is that you have to endure the shopping process first.

1. The shopping

At said popular home furnishing outlet, one joins many other shoppers in a drone like tour of what I’m sure is a maze deliberately designed to confuse. Once you’ve found your bearings (I used the compass app for iPhone, readily available on the App Store), you then spend the next few hours referencing your map of pick up points.

2. Transport

After finding your items in the rows and rows of floor-to-ceiling warehouse shelves, and then realising it’s far too big to carry or drag, you’ll need to get yourself some wheels! Preferably some that are well oiled and don’t steer like a wild stallion on heat!

Once you’ve loaded your new found transport (by yourself I might add), joined multiple wild stallions together in an unconventional convoy and made your start towards the cashiers, you would be forgiven for thinking you were home and dry. You would be, had you loaded your plethora of  heavy items from the floor to ceiling warehouse shelves, onto your convoy on 5 unoiled wild stallions, in the prescribed order…the prescribed order that you will find so clearly laid out only once you’ve reached the cashier’s desk.

This is required to assist the cashier in the scanning of your items with the least effort possible.  Your effort in the dutiful loading and delivery will go unnoticed but with a smile.

3. That empty feeling

So after all your efforts in finding, transporting and assisting the assistants to assist you with your purchases, you’ve eventually paid. And depending on how large your purchases, you’ll also leave empty handed!

4. The delivery

Very efficient and pleasant, if not a little unconventional. A brusk call at 10pm to inform me of my delivery the next morning. A Sunday. Delightfully at 6.45 that very next morning, 10 whole minutes earlier than I had planned to pull my head together, the buzzer was buzzing and two men were halfway up the stairs with the first edition of our Sunday saga.

5. The aftermath

Recycling day being a Monday and our flat now resembling a small recycling depot, we strapped up the packaging into bundles and left them out on the drive for collection. The collection on Monday morning marked the end of a busy weekend stepping another step closer to furnishing our new home.

j&a. X


4 thoughts on “Furniture SOS

  1. Hah ….. Love it, been there so many times myself and you know what …… You never remember all the heartache from the previous trips when you decide to go again. Still the meatballs sort of make up for it !


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