Primrose Bakery

For me, the thing I miss most when leaving a show is the people.  You do become like a family and forge strong friendships very quickly, particularly in your dressing room – over the year you have certainly seen more of them than your partners and you go through a lot together from tears to happiness and are a real support to each other.

The five of us who were in mine at Shrek have created a really tight unit and are all proper girly girls with a sweet tooth, so what better way to catch up than over copious pots of tea and some sweet treats!  The venue of choice was Primrose Bakery in Covent Garden and if you haven’t been there I cannot recommend it highly enough for pure scrumptiousness!!!  It is quite the institution in the cupcake world and you’ll realise it as soon as you try some of their goodies.

I actually bypassed the cupcake for their Caramel Slice and as someone who has sampled quite a few of these in their time this is up there with the best.


There is quite a small seating area but if you can get a table it’s a wonderful way to catch up and watch the world go by and they are happy for you to take your time – what better way to spend an afternoon!

A x


4 thoughts on “Primrose Bakery

  1. Oh, I love Primrose Bakery! I got some cupcakes there as a hostess gift for a small dinner party I went to and they were delicious! I had the violet cupcake, which was not what I was expecting but quite tasty none the less.


  2. I would love another little catch up with all of us at Primrose Bakery. I gave my loyalty card to Downer for everyone to enjoy a cupcake on me!!! Miss you gorgeous girl! xxx


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