Written in the Kitchen

For the last four years, my dear old grandmother and I have been working together to bring the poems of her life to print. Throughout her colourful life, she’s been jotting them down, with no agenda but that of her own enjoyment. However, it was a casual conversation in the Autumn of 2008 that set the ball rolling in a more formal direction.

There have been many, many drafts and, owing to her lack of sympathy for email, even more brown envelopes stuffed with re-drafted pages sent back and forth between me in Devon/ London and her home in Bath.

Today, however, we finally find ourselves nearing the end of the journey with the arrival of the first physical draft. The collection, entitled ‘Written in the Kitchen’ is just that. Written, edited, formatted, re-written, re-ordered, published and re-published in the Kitchen. In fact, all from the kitchen table!

We’re almost ready to launch this little book, which is soon set to feature in Waterstones. It’s a real gem stuffed full of the eccentricity of a theatrical old lady!

I will of course keep the blog updated on its progress.

j. X


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