Mothers and Facebook

It was interesting to hear yesterday how my mother’s initial acceptance of facebook has now grown into it becoming a part of her life like the rest of us. I set her up on the book of face in 2008 as a means of my sharing my photos and such like from my student days studying in Leeds, but now, she she’s quite the active user! Facebook say that the average age of their users is rising. I can’t help feeling my mother’s partly responsible.

With yesterday being her birthday she was revelling in the increased attraction to her wall, and ‘couldn’t believe’ so many people had ‘remembered’ to send her their good wishes. I couldn’t bring myself to shatter her joy with an explanation of facebook’s multi-wall-birthday-post feature. So I left it. This time. I don’t think it’s something she’s yet discovered.

Although I had noticed she’d knowledge enough to ‘like’ each birthday wish, as is the custom mark of appreciation on such an occasion.

Blissful ignorance perhaps.

j. X

(N.B. Mother: My intention was not to suggest you are as old as some of the ladies depicted in the photograph above).

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