A Roller Coaster Year

It has been a roller-coaster 11 months for me and so I felt it apt to start our blog with a brief few words on my time in Shrek. This time next week I will have finished my time as part of the original London Cast of Shrek the Musical, playing Teen Fiona and Tweedle Dum at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

I chose not to stay for another year as I believe that in this profession you need to be brave and take risks. For me, as someone new to the business, when you don’t have kids or a mortgage to pay, it is the prime time period to get out there! You enter this industry knowing it is one of the most unstable, kept achievable by the passion you have for it. I think creatively you need to push yourself while you can.

Shrek has been an amazing starting block for me and I have met some of the most amazing people and from them, have learnt an awful lot.  I’m so excited about what the future holds but sad to know that this time next week it will all be over.

A x


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