Courgetti Spaghetti

This is so simple there is no need to write a recipe, but I just had to share it with you.  Whilst trying to cut down on carbs I came across this alternative for spaghetti thanks to the fantastic Madeleine Shaw.


Yes I know I was skeptical and in my head I was hoping some miracle occurred when they were thinly sliced to make it taste like pasta…it didn’t.

However, it’s brilliant.


Thinly/ thickly/ however you want slice the courgette.  We used a cheese grater for thinner slices and potato peeler for larger slicers.  You can buy a special spiralizer thing but I’ve never been afraid of a bit of man power.  One courgette is enough for one person.

Then go crazy with whatever topping you fancy.  We went the whole hog and made a bolognese.

Courgetti bolognese

It wasn’t pasta, but it was delicious and a far more interesting way to eat courgettes.  I didn’t feel at all bloated after, so this is now my go to staple for spaghetti.

On our next vlog there should be a snippet of me trying it for the first time for the real review!  If you haven’t visited our new YouTube channel yet, click here and go have a little visit. We’d love it if you’d subscribe to our channel.


Do have a go and let us know how you get on.  If you use substitutes for anything else then pop it in the comment section below and we’ll give them a try.

A x

Banana Pancakes

Having over indulged last week I felt that there was no way I could justify another piece of birthday cake…for breakfast!

Cue my guilt free, gluten free breakfast of dreams

Drum roll please…..

banana pancakes

Banana Pancakes- ridiculously easy to make and absolutely delicious.

First: Play this and leave it running in the background! Jack Johnson- Banana Pancakes.

You will need (1 serving):

  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2 free range eggs
  • 1 tsp Lucy Bee Coconut Oil


  • Any toppings of your choice



I added a tsp of flaxseed to mine but this is optional.  As long as you have the banana and eggs you are good to go.


1) Mash the banana

mash banana

2) Whisk the eggs together

whisked eggs

3) Combine the banana, eggs and flaxseed and mix



4) Pop your Lucy Bee Coconut Oil into your frying pan

5) Laddle a good sized dollop (technical term) into the pan

6) Wait for the down facing side to set and flip over…I’m not brave enough to try a proper flip with this mixture…yet!

Voila you are ready to serve

healthy pancakes

My serving of choice was syrup and blueberries.  Jamie of course went for the indulgent addition of nutella.


Jamie had looked at it and said “I might make normal pancakes” he tried it and then asked for more.  A convert right there, particularly when he’s never one to go for the healthy option over the real deal!


I think you should kick start your week with this…Monday will suddenly seem that bit better!  Let me know how you get on and any fabulous combinations you recommend.

A x


Morning yoga

This last week I have been a bit naughty as not only was it my birthday, I also went with the girlies to Ireland for our friend’s wedding, so over indulgence was key.  However one thing I have kept on track with is my morning yoga.

On my quest for a healthy body and mind I have been following the wonderful Rachel Brathen on instagram.  I have been completely inspired by her attitude to life and the world around her.  She is a yoga instructor but in my eyes is a life coach at the same time.  She writes beautifully and makes me want to be more like her.  For me I see yoga as a meeting of the body and mind and think it crucial on my journey.


I have been doing her yoga routine first thing in the morning and have found it a beautiful way to stretch out and start my day.

It may sound silly but I swear it gives me a spring in my step for the day ahead.

Can you recommend any other inspiring people or yoga workouts to have a look at?

A x




A Healthy Mind

Let’s start with a healthy mind because isn’t that behind everything we do and want to achieve?

The power of a positive mind amazes me.


I know people who swear by meditation for relaxing, clear thought, reducing stress, focus and countless other reasons. Personally I didn’t see how I could justify sitting and not getting any physical benefits, like an ab-workout, out of it.  Wasn’t it a bit self involved to sit there and focus on me…?

Oh, how naive I was.

I wanted something user friendly – nothing too far removed – as meditation is a state that you learn.  It can’t just be achieved by sitting there closing your eyes and trying to force yourself into a form of calm.


I downloaded the ‘Headspace’ app and have been doing their ten day free trial.  Ten minutes for ten days.  Andy, the founder, talks you through everything.  I did find initially that I would get anxious that ‘I wasn’t doing it right’ and that ‘I didn’t feel in some zen like state’.  Andy explains that you are allowed to let the mind wander but it is about letting the thoughts come and go and not holding onto them.  He is brilliant and just reading his tweets calms me down…psychosomatic, I’m sure, but nevertheless a nice calming distraction in what is a busy London life.

Meditation apps

Am I going to sign up after ten days? – I’m not sure.  I haven’t tried anything else yet except for chanting which we did at drama school with Nikki Slade which was absolutely amazing by the way! There are so many different types of meditation and I need to explore which one is for me.


I also downloaded an app called Digipill.  It provides you with a free relaxing ‘pill’ (podcast) and once you get over the filmic narrative I can’t tell you much more as each time I have listened to it at night I have fallen asleep during it!  You can purchase other ‘pills’ targeted at specific concerns i.e. anxiety, focus.  I’ll let you know if I’m a convert when/ if I manage to stay awake.

Meditation 2

Can you recommend any good meditation books/ sites/ classes/ dvds/ apps that I should try?

A x

Mind and Body Overhaul

With the nights getting longer and a hint that summer is almost here I have been feeling that I need to sort myself out.  With working, running my own business and auditions I tend to just grab food and fit in workouts here and there.  I do have in comparison to most a healthy lifestyle.  I grew up in the country and danced from a young age.  I have always been sporty…my mum is a tennis coach so from the age of 2 I was given a racquet!  I am a grazer when it comes to food and am always hungry, so little and often is probably the appropriate term for my eating habits.



I have been feeling a bit sluggish and am interested to see if a healthy lifestyle overhaul might bring back the spring in my step.  I know that people will say there is nothing of me…this is not to lose weight. Not all food and exercise regimes need to be.  I don’t weigh myself and have never owned a set of scales.  Mine is to cleanse the body and feel better about myself and also learn to slow down and take time for myself which can be hard when trying to juggle a lot of balls.

the country

There is a lot of pressure on girls to appear certain ways.  I think it is far more important for girls to be happy in their own skin and that comes from the inside out.  What you put into your body is crucial to this as is putting time aside for ‘you’ time.

My vices: I have a sweet tooth.  I love a good cup of builder’s tea and a full fat latte.  I am always rushing and try to cram too much into a day.  I’m an awful sleeper.  I think and worry far too much…


I am going to use the blog to share with you my journey.  I will share tips, links, workouts and recipes that I think are fantastic alongside our usual blogging.  Will Jamie join in….who knows?!


So you know my current pattern: I go to the gym about three times a week and focus on interval training – I don’t believe in lengthy workouts I just prefer a blast as I get bored easily.  I am a huge fan of Pilates and am slowly but surely getting more into Yoga.


My first golden nugget is to follow The Body Coach @thebodycoach.  He was recommended to me by some wonderful friends who have been doing his 90 Day SSS plan.  The change in themselves they can’t believe…they are leaner and full of energy.  He is inspiring and his instagram is a joy in letting us in to some amazing recipes.

The Body Coach

Is anyone else getting in shape in mind and body for summer?  Let’s do this together and share our journeys.

This is what I aspire to:

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

A x

Balmy summer evenings

The weather in London over the past few days has been incredible.  There is a real sense that summer is on the way and there is nothing we love more  than spending long balmy summer evenings with friends.

I used to live with Lucy at University and we have always been partners in crime, particularly partial to a few G and Ts and a shared love of wining and dining!




She and her boyfriend Adam invited us round for supper. Lucy has always been a fabulous cook and when I used to crawl in late at night exhausted from rehearsals, she knew I would just grab a piece of toast with cheese so would make sure I ate properly by casually saying to help myself to something she had whipped up earlier.  Needless to say it was always a culinary feast!

This time though she outdid herself…5 courses for us little piggies!

Adam was chief bartender for the night and he certainly didn’t disappoint with his cucumber G and Ts – yes cucumber it’s brilliant!

cucumber gin and tonics

We chatted happily and animatedly away on the patio as we caught the last of the evening sun.  I love England in the summer, in my opinion there is nothing better than the long light evenings.

summer evenings

Rose wine

Then course number was served al fresco.  A little tomato appetiser number to wet the palette. Tomato Consome. Yes no more University cheese on toast for us!


Amy and Jamie

As the sun set we moved inside for course number 2.  Asparagus, poached egg, hollandaise sauce and parma ham.

Poached eggs

Did you know that you could pre cook poached eggs? – no me neither.

asparagus, poached egg, parma ham


Delicious is an understatement.  A perfect concoction of flavours and light enough that we weren’t too full up for the main…

pea risotto

Pea Risotto.  The boys had seconds – of course they did!

Pea risotto

A perfect British summer’s evening main course. Followed with my personal favourite…Chocolate Mousse.

Chocolate Mousse

Looking perfectly fabulous in martini glasses.

Chocolate Mousse

I’m salivating looking at the pictures…

Chocolate Mousse

And of course what is a meal without cheese and biscuits to finish us off.  My trousers were certainly getting a little tight by this point!

We went for the trilogy of wines, because if you can’t break the rules when you’re with your Uni friends, when on earth can you!


A wonderful evening spent with our wonderful Lucy and Adam.


Here’s to many more long summer evenings with friends this summer.

A x


Long Weekends

I love nothing more than a long weekend.  Sunday night comes around and you don’t get that back to school feeling but the delicious thought that you can do it all again tomorrow!

My family came up a few weekends back and to make sure all the family were present Herbie came along for the ride!


Jamie cooked up a storm in the kitchen




Our little flat has never had so many overnight visitors!

Louisa and Herbie shared a room…I think Herbie was slightly too excited waking her up in the early hours by wagging his tail and striking the guitar and jumping up on the sofa with her…she’s most definitely not an early morning person!

The early risers amongst us got the croissants and coffee ready.




Blue skies and bright sunshine greeted us.  Herbie was in his element!



Perfect squirrel patrol weather for Herbie! *Spot the Squirrel*


DSC01275Tiring work all this squirrel stalking!


1) Sees lake


2) Runs to lake


3) *Splash*


4) We all pretend he’s nothing to do with us!

DSC01289Herbie’s over-exertive park adventures meant we all needed a pit stop.  A lazy lunch in the sun was unanimously decided upon.

DSC01293It was most definitely pimms o’clock



DSC01309Herbie was pretty put out that there were no more squirrels



DSC01311The best couple of days with my favourite people in one place at the same time.






How was your long weekend?

A x


Saturday Morning Thinking 3

One of my friends posted this on Facebook today and it really struck a chord.


The amount of time we spend grabbing our iPhones to take a picture or record the moment and sharing it on social media for all to see; rather than taking it all in and storing it in our own personal memory bank.  I hold my hands up I’m completely guilty of this.

So this summer let’s create some memories just for ourselves and embrace the moment for what it is.

A x


9 years…

*Soppy post alert….sorry*

On Sunday Jamie and I celebrated our 9 year Anniversary. Neither of us can quite believe how quickly time has flown and I think at our age it is pretty impressive to have grown up and been together for so long.

I see it that you either grow together or grow apart.  Don’t get me wrong we’ve had our ups and downs and our challenges, I don’t want you to think we live in some sort of Disney Fairytale, but we are a team and support each other and ultimately love sees us through (*sorry that was a bit cheesy*)


We met at the Northcott Theatre in Exeter many moons ago and now here we are going into our tenth year both pursuing the career we always dreamed of and living together in our flat in London.


One of the first photos taken of us together

Scan 1

I won’t bore you with details but I’ll let you in on one secret….I was in rehearsals and Jamie was working on the show watching me sing in the front row of the auditorium, one of the ladies, Amanda, turned to me and said “that boy loves you” – we’d never met and this was the first time we’d seen each other.

Daffodils 2

Anniversary cards

Heart box

last rolo

We just wanted to have a lovely low key day.  Both of us are so busy that it’s nice to be able just to spend time together so we decided on a day of just us and a picnic…it rained…of course it did! However no amount of rain could dampen our spirits, we just changed the location to our sitting room floor.

picnic hamper


No English picnic is up to scratch without egg mayonnaise sandwiches in Jamie’s book!

Egg mayonaise sandwiches

and a Victoria sponge (which Jamie proudly made and lovingly ate!)

Victoria Sponge


A perfect day.


Topped off by snuggling on the sofa to watch the Boat Race


Our goal this year is to find time to have a holiday together.  We haven’t been away at the same time for years!


I know that Jamie will hope when I write this post in a years time that we will have a dog…who knows. I’ll write it here now so we can see where this year takes us.


A x